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Born in Paris, Emmanuel Beyens lives and work in Brussels. He specialized in the art of portraiture. Realistic style, his portraits are painted in oil using the same process as classic painters. Great care is taken in the quality of production. In addition, the decor, the clothes, the pose, everything is set up to express the personality of the subject in a rewarding way. A portrait will forever be the living memory of a loved one. When he enters a house, he becomes a unique jewel which will be transmitted from generation to generation and be part of a family line.


In 2011, he won

the 1st Prize for Painting at

International Portrait Fair .


"The great strength of Emmanuel Beyens is the fidelity with which he manages to reproduce the subject of the work.

Thanks to his hyper realistic style, and a very sure brushstroke, he truly manages to bring his character to life through the canvas, to produce a work marked with the seal of authenticity. "

Frédéric de Montpellier by Annevoie de Villermont

"... The realism of the portrait, combined with my efforts limited to a few posing sessions required by the Master, lead me to recommend Emmanuel Beyens to all those who would like to have such a work."

     General Alessandro Butticé

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